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KaiTrade K2Accelerator

The KaiTrade Accelerator  is intended and designed to allow people to write their own trading solutions. You can quickly realize your trading ideas using different tools such as Excel, CQG Conditions and trading systems, our built in applications like the Pairs Trader, Pre-Trade Allocator or writing your own custom code.

KaiTrade High Performance Excel

If you are an Excel user and want the best way to trade multi asset classes across many different brokers then our Excel Product is right for you.

KaiTrade RTD Kit

Sharing data between Excel and your application is fast and easy with the K2 RTD Handler. Quick integration - be up and running in minutes.
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KaiTrade Pre-Trade Allocator
This product saves time and money when you need to split trades over multiple accounts.  See our introduction video K2PreTradeCompact

KaiTrade Trading Systems Tool

KaiTrade’s K2 trading system tool compliments the power of CQG's trading systems by providing a quick
and reliable way to manage execution based on signals from multiple trading systems running in CQG.

 More information here:K2Trading System fact sheet
 Video of the system in action: K2TSOverview

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