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Executive Team


John D. Unwin began working in the financial markets sector in 1994, developing real-time projects for large financial institutions such as Reuters.  In 1998, when the futures markets in London went electronic, John was the technical director for Easy Screen PLC, a large public company that delivered trading systems to many thousands of users trading markets in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to his technical responsibilities, John was relied upon for fundraising and presentations to investors.
John moved on to become chief technology officer for Future Dynamics, a company specializing in front, mid and back office trading systems. More recently, he has worked at the forefront of technology, focusing on the development and delivery of high-performance and algorithmic trading systems, as well as filling senior management roles at large institutions such as the international company, Van der Moolen.
John Unwin is a recognized leader in product development and delivery of electronic trading technologies, and has authored articles, participated on panels and appeared on Bloomberg T.V.’s “CEO in the Hotseat” program.
John earned his bachelor of engineering degree from Sheffield University in the UK, where he specialized in the computer-aided analysis of magnetic fields.
John's specialties include:
  • Engineering and management skills necessary to deliver large scale and technically complex systems
  • In-depth knowledge of front, mid and back office business processes used in trading equities, futures and options
  • Expertise in algorithmic trading systems and FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol
  • Membership on the boards of listed companies, supporting fundraising, investor relations, and the strategic growth process
  • Management of vendor and client relationships